Slimming cure by cryolipolysis

Slimming cure by cryolipolysis – Cryolipolysis center in Paris sessions to lose weight Men & Women

Slimming Cure by Cryolipolysis

Cryolipolysis is a method of destroying fat by the cold. This technique is based on the self-destruction of fat cells without affecting the surrounding tissues. We practice it with a device capable of melting localized, resistant and unsightly cells for a lasting result. It is addressed to man and woman. It is practiced in the care centers by professionals. However, what are the types of slimming cures by Cryolipolysis? What are they for ? Are they really effective ? Here are some slimming cures proposed by your Cryolipolysis center in Paris:

Slimming Cure by Cold

This technique proposes to eliminate the unsightly beads and to reform the silhouette without suffering. Initial observations suggested that exposure to cold could reduce fatty areas and cause cell apoptosis, or cell death (adipocytes). To start, the area to be treated is sucked by an applicator equipped with a heat extractor. Fatty tissues melt abruptly and can reach below zero degrees. Twenty to thirty minutes are enough to cause the death of the cells. This method is of course not recommended for pregnant women, and contraindicated in cases of cold diseases, as this can lead to deleterious contractions. Cryolipolysis will have no effect on aqueous cellulite due to water retention or poor blood circulation, but on the very old fibrous cell.

Slimming Cure by thermotherapy

Thermotherapy helps reduce body fat stored in the body. It is intended to add heat to the body or extract heat from the body. This system is used by placing covers manufactured for this purpose, enveloping the areas of the body where an increase in subcutaneous adipose tissue is checked. This is how it has become one of the most effective treatments for overweight or obese patients to achieve a better quality of life. Therotherapy uses heat to relieve a condition; it relies on an increase in temperature to act in depth on sensitive areas. It is also possible to use a device having a computer based on the application of thermal coverings, placed in contact with the skin, acting by the infrared emission. In short, this treatment by heat has the advantage of being natural and can associate with other techniques to come to an end more quickly.

Thermal shock: for what types of objectives?

For a proven biological effectiveness, the system of thermal variations must be adopted. It is made for people who want to quickly reduce their fat mass, swelling or reduce the orange peel appearance. The goal is to get an improvement in skin texture. Controlled thermal shock offers a better result compared to Cryotherapy devices. It can increase the permeability of capillaries, stimulate muscle tissue, connective and neurological, improve drainage of lipids, increase oxygenation of tissues …