Permanent hair removal difference between pulsed light & laser

Permanent hair removal – What is the difference between pulsed light and laser?

Permanent hair removal – Pulsed light or laser

Hair removal is an action that involves removing the hair from the skin of men and women. Results may be temporary or permanent. Nowadays, with the evolution of technology, the results of the definitive term are real, because if in the past one had to wax every week for areas such as armpits, beards or half-legs, today this is no longer the case. Indeed, with the modern depilation of pulsed or laser light, we can have smooth and soft skin that lasts for weeks and henceforth possible. Want to discard the ancient method of traditional hair removal and try the light or laser epilator? It is a good choice, because everyone is more and more interested in it. But how does pulsed light or laser hair removal work and what is the difference between the two? You can visit our french version here: épilation définitive

Pulsed light hair removal

What is pulsed light? It is a device that sends a light that will be directed by the black pigment of the hair, and the light will turn into heat through a quartz and burn the hair root. This light acts only on hairs with melanin therefore blond hair, chestnut and black (and not pigment-free red) and not on the skin, so the risk of burning or pain unbearable is to be discarded. Moreover, it is for this reason that pulsed-light epilation is almost painless. It is also because of this phenomenon at the level of the hair root that alters the regrowth; it is tired and re-grows less, or even more, because the root is altered.

It should be noted that pulsed light hair removal is performed by means of a “flash lamp” which diffuses intense pulsed light. This light reduces up to 90% of the hair by using the pigment of the hair. With this process, getting a smooth skin in a minimum of time is real, something that one does not get with traditional hair removal. However, the best results depend on the machine used and the respect of the number of sessions that must be applied to each area of the body. The device of the STELLA CORPODERM brand at BIOZEN in PARIS has the reputation of being reliable, performing with the use and almost painless. Finally, the advantage of pulsed light depilation and the real difference, unlike the laser, it is not dangerous and can be done before having 30 years and even on the most sensitive or intimate areas.

Laser Hair Removal

In what way is the laser hair removal different from pulsed light hair removal? It should be noted that pulsed light or laser have the same action on the hair, but according to different techniques: The pulsed light emits different types of light, while the laser emits a single light that acts on a precise target. Therefore, with a laser we remove one hair at a time, but the result is spectacular because we are sure that the effects are lasting, even final. Unlike the pulsed light that can be made by a beautician, the laser is a radius that can be used only by doctors. In the past, laser hair removal is mostly practiced by people who have means such as celebrities for example. But now it is accessible to all. In this regard, BIOZEN, the beauty salon in Paris offers a price of €40 per session, depending on the area of the target zone. To summarize, an epilating laser only targets hair by hair but with a definitive result, while pulsed light hair removal allows hair removal on a larger surface but the radiation is less powerful and it takes more sessions: 3 laser and 6 pulsed light.