Beauty salon & massage center

Beauty salon & massage center for men & women in Paris Massage salon, hair removal, waxing, lose weight, cryolipolysis and endermologie

Welcome to your BIOZEN® Welness & Beauty Center Man and Woman

Wellness & massage center of 100 m2 with 5 cabins

Call us on 01 77 32 59 42

Our team is at your service and welcomes you from Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm.

Biozen team welcomes you in a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

We offer organic tea with several flavors to choose from: mint, green tea, white tea, Earl Gray, jasmine, mango …

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High quality services and organic products

High quality treatments with certified organic products, for: massages, exfoliation, facials and peeling formulas, slimming sessions of manual palp roll, slimming machine of Cryolipolysis, manicure, foot care, organic wax hair removal, Oriental wax, and permanent hair removal with pulsed light for men and women.

Your wellness center BIOZEN also offers coaching, personal development with kinesiology and health by touch to reduce stress, tension and pain.

Wellness & massage – Customized services:

Our wellness center for men and women “Biozen” offers you customized services to adapt with your personal needs. Our well experienced team will accompany you to fulfill all your demands.

Our beauty & massage center suggests multiple services designated mainly to improve your physical, mental and emotional health.

Our services are diversified and respect all needs and budgets, it will dramatically change the way you feel and give you the power to achieve a high level of health and wellness.

Our expertly trained and experienced practitioners will help guide you to a better well-being and a better physical & mental health.

Information and booking


01 77 32 59 42
26 Boulevard Magenta
75010 Paris

Underground station: République lignes 3, 5, 8, 9, 11
or Jacques Bonsergent ligne 5
Parking: at 52 rue des Vinaigriers or at the 3 Passage des Récollets.
From Tuesday to Saturday 10h00 à 19h00
Cancellation must be done  2h before the appointment

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“Biozen Paris”

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Loosing weight


Permanent hair removal



Massage center in Paris

Benefits of massage

Massage is considered as one of the best healing technics. Its benefits include physical, mental and emotional health. This therapy is used from our ancient ancestors. It increases your well-being and improves blood’s circulation. Massage is highly recommended for the joints’ mobility, muscle tensions will disappear and it will promote relaxation.

Physicians advise their patients to practice massage, at least once per week, for its benefits in removing toxins from the human body and delivering nutrients to cells.



LPG endermologie Anti wrinkle, Anti aging & face treatment


LPG endermologie anti-wrinkle Anti ageing facial care center in Paris

Facial and neck, firmness, concealer and anti-pocket

10-15 min sessionShining (Radiant): Restarts the micro-circulation for a brilliant effect – good looks.

20-25 min session: Smoothed, redensified, and firm skin: Re-oxygenates the skin for a radiant complexion, redensifies the tissues, fills the wrinkles and fine lines and strengthens the skin of the face, neck and upper bust (décolleté).

30 min session +: Deep treatment that remodels and harmonizes the volume of the face, and restores density to the skin while filling from the inside the wrinkles and fine lines.

Anti-cellulite treatment center in Paris LPG Endermologie center for body care


Beauty salon for slimming / anti-cellulite / firmness treatment for men & women

What are the advantages of this new machine compared to the old models?

The new generation of the ALLIANCE machine is:

  • 3 times more efficient: because in the old models the session was divided into 3 separate times: slimming, anti-cellulite, firmness … Now with the new machine ALLIANCE,
  • The 3 movements are done at the same time so it is 3X more efficient. A session acts like 3 sessions of an old machine.
  • Faster results: visible from the 3rd session.
  • More comfort and palpate roll without pain thanks to improved movement of the treatment head.

Hair removal and waxing center in Paris for men & women


Waxing salon for men & women in Paris – Sugar waxing

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Oriental waxing is smoother and less painful compared to conventional waxing, oriental wax reduces the effects of redness and does not irritate the skin because it is done with a warm and 100% natural wax. It is a natural technique therefore probably the most natural hair removal technique since it is practiced with simple ingredients: water, sugar, lemon and possibly honey to soften.

Pulsed light or Intense pulsed light Men & Women


Permanent hair removal with pulsed light Center in Paris

Hair removal is an action that involves removing the hair from the skin of men and women. Results may be temporary or permanent. Nowadays, with the evolution of technology, the results of the definitive term are real.


  • Less painful, gentler.
  • Shorter session than with a conventional device because STELLA is a high-end technology: 1 flash / second (see video).
  • Optimal results from the first sessions.

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Cryolipolysis: Redraw the contours of your body naturally and immediately


Cryolipolysis center for losing weight & slimming immediately

How to refine immediately the belly, the hips, the thighs, without making lipo suction?

How the cryolipolysis machine works ?

What are the advantages of our CRYO SKIN® 2.0 machine compared to other conventional Cryolipolysis machines?

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Facial care: Lifting, brown spots & revitalizing

Facial skin care mask and organic products

Facial care & Treatments for men & women

Anti-aging and anti-wrinkle instant face lift for men & women, treatment for brown spots, sensitive skin sessions, anti-blackheads and balancing face care.

Skin & facial treatment for dull skin, pigment spots, and mature skin

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