Advantages of pulsed light

The pulsed light depilation and laser hair removal are-they really permanent?

Permanent Hair Removal: Does it exist? Permanent or sustainable hair removal?

Depilation with pulsed light or laser is a sustainable but not permanent hair removal method because it is necessary to do some maintenance sessions every 5 years or so. In fact, the hair grows under 3 different phases. At each session of pulsed light or laser, 20 to 30% of the hair is eliminated. This explains why it takes between 3 to 6 sessions for a sustainable hair removal result, and almost painless.

In fact, in the past, depilation already represented an important method for both men and women, because it makes it possible to delay hair growth much longer. Compared to shaving, however, it has a disadvantage, pain. The pain of an epilation varies according to the areas of the body, it is mainly felt at the level of the beards for men, and legs for women. Since then, hair removal has evolved and became painless thanks to the permanent hair removal with pulsed light that has become a real renovation. Indeed, with modern pulsed-light hair removal not only the pain is less, but the results are also impressive. This is why the following question always arises: “Is hair removal with pulsed light permanent?” Compared to the traditional method, the result goes from temporary to sustainable and this is the undeniable advantage of depilation with pulsed light. As for depilation it can last a few years but it will never be permanent whether it is laser or pulsed light. Your BIOZEN center specializing in hair removal and depilation is located in the 10th arrondissement of Paris, close to the metro republic. Its 6 qualified beauticians offer you to get rid of your hair durably.

An effective method

Pulsed light hair removal is a really effective method to achieve a result that can last several weeks, several months and then a few years. This method has many advantages for both health and the reliability of the results. On the one hand, the light emitted by the apparatus affects only the pigmented hairs and not the skin. The pulsed light concentrates in fact on the pigment of the hair, which is melanin, and burns it down to its root. This is the reason why pain with pulsed light hair removal remains very low, and if it exists it is by a slight sensation of heat or tingling. On the other hand, pulsed light hair removal machines are efficient and reliable, they are easy to use. At least, this is the case of the new generation as the STELLA CORPODERM device at BIOZEN in Paris. The latter has a cooling system that limits the heating sensation and this new generation machine delivers several quantities of energy several times instead of once. This allows a calculation (hair-skin-intensity) allowing a better result. Indeed, with a pulsed light depilation, the hair is reduced by up to 90%, which makes pulsed light hair removal a simple and effective method.

A sustainable result

Some conditions should be respected. First, it is important to respect the number of sessions. Beginners, who try for the first time this new method, find results from the first use and stop treatment, but this is a mistake. Hair removal with flash light allows indeed obtaining a quick result, but for a lasting result, it is necessary to finish to the end the totality of the sessions for each area of the body. Then, it is also necessary to read the instructions and the directions to follow for a better result. It is for this reason that beauty salons are the perfect places to start pulsed light hair removal because they will explain how to shave the day before, and what to avoid doing before, during, and after treatment, such as the sun.

Perfect skin

Perfect skin, it is quite the case. Using pulsed light is not harmful to your health and allows you to get smooth, soft skin without ingrown hairs! The light flash allows having a skin much smoother and elastic. Indeed, the fact of heating the skin regularly stimulates the production of collagen and elastin that act as an anti-wrinkle action, also called photo rejuvenation. Thereby, the pulsed light helps the skin to produce more elasticity and brings a sparkle. This skin trait can last up to weeks and the more sessions continue the more the result will be sustainable.