Facial care anti blackheads

Anti-blackheads facial treatment – Facial care “anti-blackheads removal” at the facial care center for men & women in paris

Your BIOZEN beauty center for men and women recommends this facial for a remove blackheads, to reduce comedones and tighten the skin.

Blackheads removal sessions


For whom is this anti-comedones facial care?

This anti-blackhead facial treatment is recommended for skins mixed to oily, skin imperfections.

How does an anti-blackheads facial treatment, called “anti-comedones”, work?

After a make-up removing and a gentle exfoliation, it makes it possible to extract the comedones with or without steam thanks to its magic anti-comedones lotion. Scrubbing and balancing for the skin whose pores are dilated. A massage, performed with a balancing serum as well as a laying of a mask, ensure a good products penetration to ensure a result from the 1st treatment. Finally, this treatment ends with the application of an anti-black points cream, called Cream C17, also available for sale.

What are the results of anti-blackheads facial treatment called anti-comedones?

Thyme, Magnesium, Natural Camphor, Potassium, reduce blackheads and tighten skin. They purify and target imperfections and restore a genuine shine.

How often do you do this anti-blackheads facial treatment called anti-comedones?

It is advisable to do an anti-blackheads facial treatment on average once a month or in a 4 treatment course (1 treatment per week).

What is the price of a facial anti-blackheads treatment called anti-comedones?

Anti-blackheads facial treatment – 1H-70€