The most frequently asked questions on pulsed light

Discover all about pulsed light – The most frequently asked questions on pulsed light

How does pulsed light depilation work?

Waxing involves removing temporarily or permanently the hair from the skin of men or women.

Pulsed light is a device that sends a light that will be directed by the black pigment of the hair, and the light will turn into heat and burn the hair root.

It is this phenomenon, at the level of the root of the hair, which alters the regrowth. The hair gets tired and regrows less because the root is altered.

The permanent hair removal with pulsed light is achieved by means of a “flash lamp” which diffuses intense pulsed light. This light reduces up to 90% of the hair by using the hair pigment.

How long is a depilation session?

A pulsed light depilation session is very fast because the device used has a continuous flash system, which allows us not to wait 2 to 4 seconds between the emission of each flash.

It takes less than 10 minutes for an underarm session and up to 30 minutes for a leg session.

What is the difference between pulsed light and laser?

Pulsed light or laser have the same action on the hair, but according to different techniques: The pulsed light emits different types of light, while the laser emits a single light that acts on a precise target. The laser is a radius that can only be used by doctors. With a depilatory laser it only targets hair by hair, so it makes hair removal with pulsed light allows hair removal on a larger surface, radiation is less powerful, so it takes more sessions, laser 3- 4, and pulsed light 6 on average. The pulsed light still remains cheaper to the package.

Can we use the pulsed light epilator on all parts of the body?

The ideal areas are: Underarms, the indented or integral jersey, half legs, whole legs, back, torso, thighs and forearms. We can depilate small areas like hands, feet, nipples, lip fine hair, beard for men. We depilate the integral swimsuit or the buttocks but not the testicles for men!

Is pulsed light harmful to the skin?

The fact of heating the skin regularly stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, this makes an anti-wrinkle action. The pulsed light helps the skin to produce more elasticity and brings a sparkle. The skin is softer. And most importantly, about 30% of the hair is eliminated per session. The STELLA CORPODERM brand at BIOZEN in PARIS is safer and less painful.

The pulsed light hair removal, does it hurt?

The new generation of machines like the one presented at BIOZEN PARIS is less painful or almost painless. The reason is that they deliver the same amount of energy but in several passages instead of just one. This appliance has a pulsed cooling system which limits the heating sensation.

How many sessions of pulsed light?

From 6 to 8 sessions depending on the area treated, spaced by 6 to 8 weeks. The best indications are: The armpits, the half-legs and the jersey.

How much does pulsed light hair removal cost?

From 40€ per session depending on the area of the target zone

Is pulsed light hair removal really permanent?

Let’s talk about sustainable hair removal.

“The density and thickness of the hair are reduced by around 90%,” explains Dr. Le Pillouer-Prost.

For the few remaining hairs, some cheaper maintenance sessions can be envisaged.

Pulsed light hair removal, where can we do this?

BIOZEN, your organic beauty institute located in republic in the 10th Arrondissement of Paris close to the republic metro

For laser hair removal, consult a doctor.

The STELLA CORPODERM brand present at BIOZEN in PARIS is more secure and less painful.