Californien massage

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Californien massage & Swedish massage Massage salon for Men & Women in Paris

massage at your choice Biozen beauty & wellness center

BIOZEN® Massage and Wellness Center


The Californian massage is a massage for the whole detressing body, with gentle or more supported (strong) pressure according to your preference. The movements are slow and enveloping. It is ideal for stress elimination and relaxation. It is usually located on tension, or simply stress relieving and relaxing.

The organic oil used is one with organic calendula. It is a flower for sensitive skin with soothing virtues.

At the end of your massage, you can either keep the benefits of the oils or the beautician can rinse the oil with warm gloves.

Tea is offered to you!

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20 minutes massage at 29€

30 minutes massage at 39€

45 minutes massage at 60€

60 minutes massage at 70€

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