hair removal oriental wax men & women

Men/women hair removal with oriental wax – Hair removal and waxing salon in Paris

BIOZEN beauty center proposes the depilation with sugar, traditional oriental wax.

Many Benefits – Compared to Classic Hair Removal:

  • Hair removal is smoother and less painful compared to conventional waxing. Oriental wax reduces the effects of redness and does not irritate the skin.
  • The hair regrowth is finer and rarer.
  • Waxing recommended for people with circulatory problems: No heat, waxing with oriental wax is a circulatory modeling, it promotes venous return and provides a “light legs” effect.
  • Genuine care that has the effect of a scrub.
  • Above all: Decreases seeing and eliminates hairs under skin!

Preparation before the appointment: Allow at least 4 weeks of regrowth

Face waxing prices and rates – Hair removal with oriental wax for WOMEN

Face waxing

Lip 10€
Chin 8€
Cheeks 8€
Eyebrows 15€

Face waxing for women


Body waxing for women – Body hair removal for WOMEN

Armpits 15€
Brazilian notched jersey + Gluteal furrow 30€
Classic jersey  20
Notched jersey  25
Integral jersey 40€
Buttocks 25€
1/2 Legs 30€
1/2 Arm 25€
Complete arm 40€
1/2 Back 25€
Belly 30€

Face waxing prices and rates – Hair removal with oriental wax for MEN

Face waxing

Eyebrows 15€

Body waxing for men – Body hair removal for MEN

Armpits 15€
Classic notched jersey  30€
Integral jersey 60€
Buttocks 30€
1/2 Legs 30€
1/2 Arm 35€
Complete arm 45€
1/2 Back 30€
Belly 30€
Torso  30€
Torso + Belly

Full back