slimming sessions

Slimming sessions and effective slimming cure, manual rolling palpate and anti-cellulite care at BIOZEN beauty salon in Paris

To refine or suppress cellulite, your BIOZEN beauty center recommends these effective slimming sessions with PHYT’S products giving fast results tested and proven in the laboratory

To whom are these slimming sessions for?

These slimming sessions are addressed to all people who want an effective treatment to slim down, lose belly, and eliminate cellulite. They are also beneficial for people wanting to improve the lymphatic and blood circulation of the legs.

How does a slimming treatment work?

The first session starts with a questionnaire, a diagnosis of your morphology and taking your measurements.

The session includes tonic maneuvers with a bamboo technique and manual rolling palpation, with a 5-pack of products, including caffeine with a concentrated back for professional use, to firm and release the fat.

What are the results of a slimming cure?

The effectiveness of PHYT’S slimming and anti-cellulite sessions is proven in the laboratory.

A cure comprising 2 sessions per week accompanied by the application of the “Double Action Slimming Gel” morning and evening, allows a loss of 1cm up to 5cm in about a month.

Woman measuring her slim body isolated on white

Prices of slimming sessions

1st Slimming session – 1h *

* Includes 15 min to fill out the diagnostic sheet and take your measurements.

At the session – 40 min 60€
Slimming cure 6 sessions for a loss up to -5 cm or about a size of pants 300€
Slimming session with “Thermotherapy” machine 30 min 100€

Payment facilities: Possibly 2 to 4 times.